Victorian Inspired Chest – Part 2

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Continued from Part 1

I have a few files of flourishes that I love to use, so when I wanted to draw designs on the chest, I went to them for the designs. I free handed the designs with pencil first, adding and removing portions I did or didn’t like.




After finishing the sketches, I moved to using the wood burner. It took me quite a few episodes of Buffy to get through all the designs, but you just get to see the finished flourishes!



With all of the designs burned into the wood, I went to staining all the pieces. I started out on the three drawers, using the golden oak woodstain. I tend to use the cheapest brushes possible whenever I’m staining wood, basically so I can throw them away afterward. I hate trying to get all the stain out of the bristles of a good brush. I never really bother to wipe up any excess stain off the wood, just letting all the stain soak in to get a rich color.

I was more careful with the ebony stain, making sure I didn’t over-saturate it so that the flourishes would be subtly visible. Of course it’s best to let all stained pieces air out on a porch so that you don’t end up with woodstain smell all through your home. (I get too excited about my new pretties and forget about that!)

After letting them set for a bit, I went ahead and added the drawers to the chest to figure out which drawer I wanted on the top and which I wanted on bottom. Next, the fittings!

See more in Part 3!       

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