Victorian Inspired Chest – Part 3

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Continued from Part Two

The next step for the chest was to add on the drawer pulls. I got a pack of Tim Holtz drawer pulls for the drawers, only to figure out that the screws included in the packaging were no where near long enough to fit through the wood of the drawers.

Determined to make it work anyway without going out and trying to find other screws that might work, I decided to use my drill to bore out enough to get the screw countersunk on the inside of the drawer. Go figure, the drill bit that was large enough for the screw head to fit into was too big to drill straight into the wood. I had to angle it from several different directions to try to get a hole that was somewhat even in depth.

After much frustration and struggling, I got the proper depth drilled out, stained it, and was ready to add the pulls!


I figured that the solid white would be best in the middle drawer, and then decided which “crystal” pull I wanted against each flourish. I used a flat headed drillbit on the inside screws to help me tighten the drawer pulls down.


After those were done, I added the page corners to the top corners of the chest using two finishing nails for each corner piece.

Next, I wanted to add on the feet. Until I realized that they didn’t come with screws or nails of any sort. The finishing nails I have would be too long for the bottom of the chest, not to mention are so small they go right through the holes of the feet. I was able to find some tiny wood screws at Lowe’s that wouldn’t go completely through the thin wood of the chest. A few screwdriver turns later, the feet were attached!

This chest is going to be mainly for storing my wax seal supplies, maybe some writing supplies like my pen cleaner. I wanted to add a nameplate on the side of the box, but also wasn’t quite sure what to write into the frame. I decided instead of writing something, I’d melt wax into the center of the frame, and stamp like I would on a wax seal. I backed the nameplate with a piece of cardstock, dripped a mix of silver and gold-tone sealing wax into the center of the plate, and stamped it with my flourish seal. I used some more of those tiny screws from Lowe’s to fix the waxplate onto the side, and then covered them with black india ink, since the screws were brass against the silver-tone metal.

See the finished chest in Part 4!    

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