Victorian Inspired Chest – Part 1

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I’ve had a lack of personal projects lately, and when I came across a four drawer raw wood chest it stuck in my mind as a project I’d like to take on for myself.

Four drawer wood chest
Ebony woodstain
Golden Oak woodstain
Staining brush
Stainable woodfill
Wood burning tool
Silver-tone vintage style accessories by Tim Holtz
Finishing nails
#2 3/8″ Wood screws

I started out by just figuring out what all I wanted on the chest, what I wanted to stand out the most, and what I wanted to add for subtle detail that more than likely only I will remember. I knew I wanted to have a dark frame with contrasting drawers, but I of course had to figure out what color to go with. I have a lot of red, a little purple, but I’d like this to pretty much go with anything. So I wanted the drawers to be kept light, and have some awesome woodburned designs.

I already had a few packs of Tim Holtz brand accessories that I’d gotten without knowing what I was actually going to use them on. Using the idea Grimm of A Grimm Design had (she’s awesome, check out her shop!), I decided the Tim Holtz page corners could be the top corner decorations, while the chest would be propped up by the feet on bottom.

Well, as it turned out, the feet would extend over the bottom drawer, making it unusable. My best option was to just remove the drawer and have the space remain open. So I got my general idea sketched out, and began deciding on the designs I wanted to burn into the wood.

Continued in Part Two!       

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