Faire Treasures is a small business based around historically inspired costuming and accessories with the occasional bit of Gothic style mixed in. With a focus on Renaissance, Pirate, and Steampunk fashions, our clothing and accessories can be utilized for costuming reminiscent of many eras throughout history. Currently located as a home-based business in Grand Prairie, Texas, in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Previous home-bases have included Austin, Amarillo, and San Marcos, Texas. Faire Treasures first opened online on Etsy as “CrystalKittyCat’s Faire Treasures” in July of 2007.

Iris Adornments & Apothecary at Sherwood Forest Faire 2020

Hey there! I’m Kristin “CrystalKittyCat” Vinson. You may call me Kitty. Faire Treasures started out as my side-project as I worked on my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography at Texas State University.

Growing up, my mom taught me the basics of sewing, and I learned jewelry making through Girl Scouts and from my sister, Stephanie. Not going to lie, I wasn’t that interested in sewing when I was younger. My first big project was making a reversible cloak after I graduated high school. (I still have it, and it is still so warm and comfy!)

I’ve always been a nerd or geek of some semblance or other. Pirates of the Caribbean kicked off my passion for historical costuming. So when I found out about Renaissance festivals you can bet I fell in love. My sister and I experienced our first Ren Faire in 2006, and we both instantly wanted to be a part of it. As things go, we weren’t ready for it then.

When we learned of a new festival beginning outside of Austin in 2009, we knew this was our opportunity. Our individual businesses were small, so she and I went in together to start our shop at Sherwood Forest Faire: Iris Adornments & Apothecary. Stephanie created our apothecary items: perfumes, lip balms, massage oils, hair rinses, and essential oils. I created our adornments: cloaks, skirts, and Pirate Hair Jewels. We succeeded, we grew.

Online, I’ve added many items to my selection over the years, expanding my skills as a seamstress and jewelry and accessory maker. Occasionally, I’ve added stunning items made by other companies to Faire Treasures’ selection. After all, one person can only do so much. Not all of those have stuck around, as markets change, and I have to refocus on what you, my customers, are looking for.

Few the last few years, I have expanded my business and have had help creating handmade items from some wonderfully talented women: Sabi and Melinda. Sabi works with me sewing Faire Treasures’ handmade clothing and sometimes joins our sales team at events, while Melinda is a leatherworker creating Faire Treasures’ handmade Skirt Hikes.

2018 turned everything upside down. After completing our ninth season of Sherwood Forest Faire, Stephanie passed away suddenly in an accident. I cannot thank my friends and Ren Faire family enough for the support I received during that time. Even with the support, it was difficult for me to keep on task for Faire Treasures. This website was on pause at that point because, well, Stephanie built this website. I’m not going to go into the battle that it was to keep this site that she built for me going. With everything that happened, I put my focus onto keeping the Faire Treasures Etsy shop up to date instead, and made sure it continued to be successful.

Now it’s 2021. We’re still dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic as I write this. I figured it’s time to hit this hard and get FaireTreasures.com up to date. Somehow, I never made an about page for this version of the site. So, here it is, in all its glory, with likely way more information than you were looking for. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not. 🙂