New Cotton Petticoats

By / 10th January, 2023 / Item Update / No Comments

Many years ago, I saw a picture of someone’s petticoat project that they had done a solid color accent ruffle on the bottom to contrast with the natural toned cotton of the body. I fell in love with the look, while also wondering, “how would this look if the contrast accent were patterned instead?” It didn’t take long for me to test out my petticoat design with printed cotton as the ruffle, and I’ve been continuing the accented design since. This is the largest batch of cotton petticoats we’ve done thus far, and I’m excited to now have them available both here on and in my Etsy shop!

A couple of these are restocks of designs I’d handmade in the past, while many are new designs that were sewn by my Dallas sewing team. The solid muslin and solid black cotton petticoats are also back in stock, and more designs will be coming later this year!

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