Silver, blue, and green

By / 6th January, 2011 / Item Update / No Comments

I’m so excited to have new bell pendants for new Pirate Hair Jewels! As you can see, some are a small silver-tone design, some have blue glass as the focal point, and some have green glass as the focal point. These are quite possibly the cleanest, shiniest pendants I’ve ever gotten! I’ve already made four new Hair Jewels each with one of these pendants.

Adding those into my mad dash of Hair Jewels making, I’ve made around thirty new strands of Hair Jewels to list in the shop! Unfortunately I did end up depleting my bead stash so badly that I won’t be able to make any more Hair Jewels until I buy more bead supplies, which will be done in the next few days. I spent much of yesterday photographing the new strands, and it’ll take a few days to properly code, tag, and photo edit each strand. Here’s a peek at all the new Hair Jewels!

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