Vale MMX

This year is coming to a close, and I’m in full gear to Iris Adornments and Apothecary at Sherwood Forest Fairemake stock for Sherwood Forest Faire. More Mini Cloaks and full length cloaks are in the works, as well as many new Pirate Hair Jewels. I’ve ordered new pendants with bells for Specialty Pirate Hair Jewels that I can’t wait to strand with beads!

I’m aiming to have 30 Mini Cloaks at the start of Sherwood, and at least 120, hopefully 140 Hair Jewels. We’ll have new displays for the Hair Jewels, ones that hopefully won’t fall over and break this year. Heh. I hope to post pictures as soon as they’re done.

I’ve made several new Long Pirate Hair Jewels once I realized there were only three left, but I haven’t any photos yet. Look for them in the next few weeks!

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