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My dear hubby the Captain has gotten himself into a duel set for July 24 as a part of an event for Knights of the Guild. His character is supposed to be a nobleman, and so he decided that he will wear the outfit I made him for our wedding. He told me this. My response: “Um. No. I’m making you a new vest that you can sword fight in. You’re not messing up your wedding vest!” Or at least that’s what went through my head, I don’t remember the words that actually came out of my mouth. So the past couple of days I’ve spent working with Simplicity’s PotC pirate costume pattern, the red vines fabric, as well as some black satin. Since I only keep on hand any buttons that I have a project for, I had to make an order for more and am now waiting on the buttons to be shipped to me. After I have it all together, I’ll post up some pictures of it!

I’ve almost completed the first Bridal Mini Cloak, there are only a few stitches left to it. It’s made in the ivory vines fabric with the most gorgeous purple satin lining. The clasp on it is a beautiful gold plated pewter Victorian style clasp. Again, photos once it’s completed and when I have someone during the daylight hours that can photograph me with my bridal gown and the cloak.

In news of Hair Jewels, I’ve taken some new photos of the Long Pirate Hair Jewels that will start appearing in the Etsy listings today. Maybe they’ll be more likely to appear on the front page or in articles this way. Maybe. Eh, probably not, but at least I’m trying! Back to the subject of Hair Jewels, I will soon be making a few sets of Pirate Hair Jewels to sell. They’ll consist of three strands of different lengths, and the sets will cost less than if you were to buy the strands individually. One strand out of the set will be a Specialty strand. Look for those to be in the shop by the end of August.

I did have a small power outage in my apartment yesterday that knocked out my internet for most of the night. I took the opportunity to go through some old photos and play a bit in photoshop. Here’s a small sample of what I did, click the image to go to the DeviantArt page.

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