New Pirate and Fairy Hair Jewels

By / 24th May, 2010 / Item Update / No Comments

I’ve been busy the past week making and photographing twenty new Hair Jewels–eighteen Pirate Hair Jewels and two Woodland Fairy Hair Jewels. These may be the last Woodland Fairy Hair Jewels I make since I used up the last of the charms I had for them. Two of the Pirate Hair Jewels have dangle pendants, seven are Medium Pirate Hair Jewels, and nine are Short Pirate Hair Jewels. I ended up running out of barrettes to make more Hair Jewels with!

When I put my Hair Jewels together, I tend to group beads together based on themes. Being an art student (I’m not in school anymore, but aren’t we all always learning?), I tend to associate colors with eras, items, and well, just about everything. Whether the observers of my Hair Jewels realize it or not, they’ve seen Pirate Hair Jewels inspired by Steampunk creations, the ocean, and even zombies. I do take quite a bit of time putting each one together, making sure the strand has a balanced look to it. If I don’t like how the beads are coming together, I’ll take it all apart and redo it.

I’ve begun listing the newest Hair Jewels in the shop, and will be updating the pages here with what all is available soon!

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