Hourglass Corsets 2023 Update

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They’re here! They’re here! They’re finally here! Yes, the new Hourglass Underbust Corsets with hip ties are now available. And hey, there’s even one in PURPLE! (This is my most requested color, well, second to black.) While there are still more to come in the future, like the leather and lace overlay hourglass corsets, ten new hourglass designs have been added to the site.

I will fully admit I’m late making this update, because next week, I’ll be packing many of these up to take to our shop at Sherwood Forest Faire, which is opening this season as Iris Adornments & Corsetry. We’re still at the same location, just with an updated name now that we’ve sold through my sister’s oils and perfumery. I really want to thank everyone for supporting Stephanie’s business, Stephanie K Naturals, over the years, especially since she passed away in 2018. Those sales helped my family bridge the gap in dealing with her end of life expenses. If you would like to visit Stephanie’s memorial tree at Sherwood Forest Faire, it’s located in the grove of trees straight out from our shop, with ribbons strewn throughout its branches.

Our Sherwood location will now be dedicated to clothing and accessories, and my husband and I are spending the next weekend reworking the shoppe layout to accommodate more chemises, skirts, and capes! Which also means I need to make more strands of Pirate Hair Jewels. I started on a batch last year, and unfortunately got too overwhelmed with doing two Spring season festivals for the first time and didn’t finish creating that batch. Here’s hoping I can balance sewing clasps, sewing pixie skirts, and making Pirate Hair Jewels over the next few weeks!

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