Adventures in dyeing a lace parasol, Part 1

For the past few years I’ve wanted to get a lace parasol. There was one site in particular where I fell in love with the lace parasol they carried, and I planned on purchasing my parasol from them. Unfortunately, that shop ran out of stock, and at the time, I couldn’t find any similar parasols anywhere else.

I recently thought about that parasol I wanted, so I decided to try my search for sites with lace parasols again. I was looking for solid black lace parasols, but I found an eBay shop that had lace parasols that were white with different colors of lace, including a few with black lace. Since I dyed a pair of gloves for my husband to use in his sword fight a few weeks ago, we had a bit of extra crimson colored Rit dye left. Seeing that the white part of the parasols is made of cotton, I decided it would be perfect to dye my own to black and red.

I ordered the parasol, then went out and bought a bottle of Rit dye in wine. The bottle of crimson wasn’t going to be enough, and I wanted something with a bit more purple than crimson. I planned to mix the crimson and wine dyes to get a nice something in-between when it was all done!

Continued in Part 2

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