The reoccurence of an icon

Okay, well, calling one of my own items an icon seems to me a bit silly, but anyone who’s visited my website and shop or had one of my business cards has seen this image.

It’s my favorite image of any of the Hair Jewels I’ve created, and clearly a favorite to those who frequent my shop. Any similar Pirate Hair Jewels that I’ve used this as the main image has always been the Hair Jewels with the most item hearts. It didn’t take very long after listing the strand in this photo to sell, and since then I’ve had several requests to recreate it. I’ve had a few problems with those requests, the main one being each strand of Hair Jewels I create is one of a kind. I feel it devalues the individuality of the strand, and I really don’t want to remake the same thing over and over again. This is also apart of why I don’t make Jack Sparrow replica Hair Jewels.

Another big part of recreating any strand of Hair Jewels is that I don’t always have the same materials. The beads I use I have limited quantities of, and when I’ve used them up, I don’t get any more. But the beads are only part of the creation, since a huge draw of this piece is the tribal pendant it features. The tribal pendants I use are often of a kind themselves, so finding a pendant similar to the one I used before is very difficult. Oddly enough and definitely to my surprise, I did recently find a pendant very similar to the one in my photo.

Obviously I wouldn’t make the same thing over again, but I could make something similar with the same organization to it. I used carved bone where wood had been, used more colors of beads where metallic glass had been, and created a new one of a kind strand of Hair Jewels that has the same feel as the one in the above photo. I’ve listed this new strand on Etsy, and it can be found by following this link: Specialty Pirate Hair Jewels.

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