The Cap’n’s New Hat

By / 31st January, 2011 / Costume Feature / 1 Comment

For the Cap’n’s new hat, Eric ordered a black felted wool hat blank. When it came in, I got to take him shopping for the decorations to be added! After purchasing a ridiculous amount of feathers and some trim that would match his vest, we spent a few hours putting these together and onto the hat.

Eric worked on the trims, while I dealt with the feathers. The top of the brim has a burgundy braided trim attached with fabric glue, while the bottom of the brim has two black braided trims glued side by side. After the trims were set, he stitched the right side of the brim up to give it a cavalier look. Meanwhile, I hot glued the base of the feathers together to make sure none of them could fall out when worn.

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