Playlist : Too Cold

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The Cap’n and I have a ridiculous number of songs in our iTunes. We’ve each made our own ginormous playlists of songs we like to listen to. But sometimes, I really need something more cohesive than songs jumping between “Whistle Stop” from Disney’s Robin Hood and “The Undertaker” by Puscifer. So I put together some short playlists to listen to while I’m creating or driving in the car. Here’s my most recent playlist, Too Cold. Click the band names to visit their official sites!

Stiff KittensBlaqk Audio
Lands of Fire (Mesh Radio Remix)IRIS
Indigo ChildrenPuscifer
ForsakenThe Dreamside
ShiverThe Birthday Massacre
Once BeautifulThe Last Dance
QuicksilverThe Cr├╝xshadows
StandingVNV Nation
Salt of Stonesi:Scintilla
Cardinal Directions (Stromkern Remix)ThouShaltNot
What Have You DoneWithin Temptation
The Bomb (Extended)Neuroticfish

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