New Linen Pixie Skirts

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I can’t believe that Hallowe’en is so close now! Most people who know me have seen bits of my Hallowe’en sock collection, and I’ve gotten to add a few more to it so far, but I haven’t gotten to grab enough for the next year! Let’s face it, holiday socks tend to be cheaply made, and they get worn through fast! As for something that won’t wear through quickly…

I’ve started the new line of Linen Pixie Skirts! The first three are already available: Black, Natural, and Red. Soon to come will be Forest Green, Brown, Purple, and Burnt Orange. Not all of these will be pre-made for Hallowe’en this year, but if any of those colors interest you, message me about doing a custom order!

Linen Pixie Skirts

These skirts are made of a rayon/linen blend, and look absolutely amazing! Since they aren’t 100% linen, they don’t crinkle as badly and the drape is beautiful. The texture of this fabric will work perfectly for pirates, wenches, peasants, and gypsies. Of course they look stunning layered over long skirts or with other Pixie Skirts!

Find them in the Skirts section here on the site,
or visit the Skirts section of the Etsy shop!

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