More Mini Cloaks

By / 3rd August, 2010 / Item Update / No Comments

All the Mini Cloaks in this previous post have been added into the shop! You may have also noticed that the shop has a new section called Bridal Cloaks. Nothing is there yet just because I haven’t had the chance to have a shoot with the first Bridal Mini Cloak, but here’s a really bad photo of it in the meantime! I’ve also completed the, ahem, “Celery” Mini Cloak. Now that it’s done it doesn’t remind me of celery anymore, and I’m trying to get past calling it that! I’ll definitely need a better name for it once it’s up in the shop.

If you’ve noticed a bunch of Hair Jewels disappearing from the shop, don’t worry, they’ll be back soon. I’m just trying to space out the renewing times a bit so I won’t have thirteen items expiring all at the same time again! I do have three Pirate Hair Jewels Sets that consist of each a short, medium, and long strand with one of the short or medium length strands having a Kuchi pendant. No photos yet, and I’ll post them here before they show up in the shop!

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