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I first found out about Stonehenge II during my Ancient to Medieval art history class at Texas State University. We were studying neolithic structures, and since Stonehenge fits into that category, a girl in the class brought up Stonehenge II, located only about two hours west of San Marcos in Hunt, Texas. Stonehenge II is a 2/3 scale imagining of what Stonehenge originally looked like.

Stonehenge II

At lunch that day I shared what I learned about Stonehenge II with my sister and a friend. We were finished with classes for the day, and figured, what the heck! Let’s go see Stonehenge II! We had a great afternoon of playing around the “stones” and taking photos, so it became one of my favorite bizarre places you’ll find in Texas.

Skip forward a few years to a few months ago. The Captain started writing a script for a short film based off of some of his experiences during college. I’d told him about Stonehenge II I don’t know how many times, so he wrote the beginning of the movie to take place there. Skip forward a few more months to this month, and we had a go on project “Zombie Farm.” We set out on a filming road trip to shoot at Stonehenge II in Hunt. After two and a half hours of driving, we got to Hunt, left Hunt, turned around back into Hunt to find a couple of piles of rubble where Stonehenge II was when I first visited.

Save Stonehenge IINot a single website in a quick Google search could tell us about it being anything other than right where these piles of rubble were. Thankfully, several motorcyclists had also stopped and relayed to us exactly what was going on. The property owners were trying to sell it, but couldn’t with the structure there. The Hill Country Arts Foundation is having the structure moved and rebuilt in Ingram, Texas in front of the Point Theatre. Unfortunately rebuilding it and repairing damaged “stones” costs money, and more is needed to complete the structure.

Work on rebuilding Stonehenge II has been stalled since August 30th until more funds can be raised. Hill Country Arts Foundation is accepting donations by mail, by phone, or online. Visit the Save Stonehenge II page on their website here for information on donating. Every little bit can help!

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on the rebuilding of Stonehenge II.

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