Hellsing Cosplay Photos

By / 9th July, 2010 / Costume Feature / No Comments

So I’ve mentioned that I got my degree in photography, yes? I haven’t exactly gotten a steady job with it yet, but hopefully that will change soon. In the meantime, doing photo shoots, especially when they’re costumed photo shoots, is a great way that I can use the skills I learned and my parents payed ridiculous amounts of money for.

A few days ago, I took photos of Marianne in her Seras Victoria cosplay in its original yellow! She’s spent the time since the shoot to bloodstain it with dye, not actual blood, before an Anime convention this weekend. I took her to a park near my apartment that we’ve shot some of the Mini Cloak photos at and had a bunch of fun doing several poses. If you’d like a better look at the images, just click on them to see them and more from our shoot at my DeviantArt account!


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