A new lens

During college, I realized that I would need a digital SLR camera for my photography to have better control of my photos than I had with the five megapixel Pentax Optio point and shoot I bought while I worked at the local camera shop. I ended up getting a Nikon D50 right before they were discontinued. It’s been a great camera for me, and I take all of my photos with it. But over the years of use for college and everything else, my main lens got knocked around too much. The manual focus loosened, and I’ve had trouble focusing with it since.

I started looking for prices on the same lens on all the photography supply websites I have bookmarked, only to not find my lens. Apparently they aren’t actually made anymore. Since it’s a bit hard to do photography jobs with a lens that doesn’t work properly, my dad found the lens I need on eBay that had yet to be used and bought it for me. I got it in the mail today and decided to try it out on a necklace I just put together for one of my best friends. The focus works wonderfully, as you can tell by the pic! The necklace has two rose quartz pendants as well as a small iolite pendant.

Dad, thank you so much!

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