Renaissance Silver Clip Skirt Hikes


Renaissance Silver Clip Skirt Hikes Pair

Handmade by Melinda P.

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Need a way to show off the layers of skirts you wear at your event? These black leather skirt hikes clip onto your bodice or belt, so you can pull your skirts up and clip to show off your under layers or your boots and socks beneath! Made with bright silver-tone hardware, these hikes can go excellently with Renaissance faire and Pirate garb. This pair of skirt hikes has four rivets and four tooled stripes on each hike. Each clip has a set of plastic grips riveted inside to reduce the risk of damaging the item it’s gripping onto.

Skirt hikes are a great way to help cool you down when the day turns hot and you need airflow under your layers. These are also a quick way to get a skirt that’s longer than you need out from tripping length until you can get it hemmed to your length later.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × .5 in

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