Long Pirate Hair Jewels


Faire Treasures’ one of a kind Long Pirate Hair Jewels are available through the Faire Treasures Etsy Shop. If you would like an available strand from Etsy to be added to your FT.com order, please reach out to me through the contact form.


Inspired by the Golden Age of Piracy, Faire Treasures’ Pirate Hair Jewels are a perfect addition to your Pirate, Renaissance, or Steampunk costume for the faire or for Halloween! Each strand of Pirate Hair Jewels is a one-of-a-kind creation by CrystalKittyCat.

The long length are created with 9 inches of beading ending in a coin pendant or Kuchi dangle, perfect for pirates with long hair. The strand of beads is attached to a barrette so you can easily snap it into place. By attaching the barrette under your top layer of hair, you’ll give the appearance of the beads stranded on your own hair!

I carefully select various types of beads that can include but are not limited to freshwater pearl, glass, metal, bone, horn, wood, and stone to create each unique strand of hair jewels. Strands are not reproduced; no two are the same. Photos displayed are examples of previous creations, are are not necessarily representative of current available strands.

As each strand is one of a kind, our Pirate Hair Jewels are currently available only through Faire Treasures Etsy Shop. Follow the link to purchase, or reach out to me through the contact form if you’d like to add an existing strand from Etsy to your FT.com order.

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Coin, Dangle

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