Pumpkin Orange Embroidered Hourglass Underbust Corset


The Pumpkin Orange Embroidered Hourglass Underbust Corset is a Timeless Trends branded corset. Created in the hourglass corset silhouette in a muted orange taffeta with golden embroidery, this underbust style cups around the ribs to draw in at the waist to give you the stunning hourglass figure. Size chart below.

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The Pumpkin Embroidered corset can go with Renaissance, Fantasy, and Steampunk costuming as well as everyday wear. Wear with a chemise, long skirt, and pixie skirt for a Renaissance faire outfit; layer over a dress for a Medieval or Fantasy look; wear with a shirt, wings, and layered pixie skirts for a Faerie style; or wear with a high-collared shirt and bustle skirt for a Steampunk look!

This style has been discontinued and will not be restocked. Limited sizes remain.

This corset is comfortable and supportive, with 20 flexible spiral steel stays, a steel busk with two flat steel stays for extra front support, and four flat steel stays to support the back grommets. Constructed with three layers of fabric: two inner layers of cotton twill, waist tape, and the embroidered taffeta outer layer which is laminated to the middle layer of cotton. There are six garter loops (no straps included) attached at the bottom inner seam, and this corset has been laced in back with cream colored ribbon. Hourglass underbust corsets have a rounder, more contoured underbust line than that of the classic underbust corsets.

Hourglass Corset Size Chart

Dimensions in Inches:
Center front: 11.75″ with a 10″ busk
Side length: 9.5″ – 9.75″
Center back: 12.75″
Under bust to lap: 10.25″ – 10.5″

The hourglass style has a 6.5″ rib spring and 10″ hip spring. (This is the difference between the circumference of the ribcage or the hip measurement compared to the waist measurement of the corset when fully closed.) Our steel-boned corsets are intended to be worn with a one inch gap or more between the laces after cinching.




Weight 2.5625 oz
Dimensions 13.0625 × 11.0625 × 2.5 in
Corset Waist Size

18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38