Dyeable Gentle Underbust Corset



A corset to dye for! The busk has been powder coated with plastic tips, the spiral boning is galvanized, and the grommets are plated so rust will never be an issue. Please see “Prepping”, “Dyeing Instructions”, and “Finishing and Redyeing” below the Hourglass Corset Size Chart for complete details and instructions on how to get the best look for your corset. The dyeable corset comes with Timeless Trend’s lifetime guarantee and will not shrink or rust if instructions are followed correctly. WARNING!!!: To prevent shrinkage please dry immediately in a well ventilated area, like a kitchen instead of a bathroom. Be sure to hang corsets with outer layer facing in and dry laces separately.

This corset is comfortable and supportive, with 20 flexible spiral steel bones, a steel busk with two steel bars for extra front support, and four steel bars to support the back grommets. The gentle silhouette corset is designed to sit right at the hipbone on most wearers, and has a contoured under bust line to accentuate and slightly lift the bust area. Constructed with three layers of fabric: two inner layers of cotton twill, waist tape, and the 100% cotton outer layer which is laminated to the middle layer of cotton. There are four garter loops (no straps included) attached at the bottom inner seam.

Dimensions in Inches:
Center front: 11-12″ with a 10″ busk
Side length: 9 3/4″ – 10 1/2″
Center back: 12 1/4″ – 13″
Underbust to hip: 9 1/2″ – 10″

Gentle Silhouette Corset Size Chart

Note: These directions are from Timeless Trends. I haven’t gotten to try dyeing a corset yet myself, though I plan to at some point!
You will need:

1: Dyeable corset
2: Large plastic or metal container for dyeing (stainless steal sinks work well)
3: Towels (1-3 for clean up)
4: Measuring cup
5: Table Spoon
6: Salt
7: Dye for natural fabrics–ie. cotton, silk and wool
8: Gloves
9: Decorations (lace appliques, crystals, flowers, anything you want to add on)
10: Netflix…or cable…something to entertain you while you work ?

Rit, Dylon and iDye are the most common dyes you will find in your craft stores. We prefer Dylon for its color intensity.
DO NOT do this on carpet or use your best towels….. we recommend kitchen or bathroom floors
WE DO NOT recommend the washing machine dyeing process that Rit and Dylon provide…. it doesn’t give you much control over the intensity of the color.
Having a couple of other plastic tubs around helps to set a corset aside while changing dyes…towels work too.

Prepping Your Corset:
Fill your large container with warm-hot water… (~10quarts…. or two full pasta-pots of water)
Unwrap your corset and remove the laces*
Soak both halves of your corset in the clean hot water. Remove corset and set aside…don’t dry.
Tips: *The laces are a cotton-polyester blend, and do not hold the dye well….I recommend re-lacing with silk ribbons which are prettier and plentiful at your local craft store ?
No need to wash your corset before dyeing.

Choosing Your Dye:
Now you have to pick your dyes.
You can mix dyes (mix the wonders or liquids together) to get the desired color…..or you can layer the dye (dye the corset one color, then dye it another color afterwards.
To make a color look “vintage”, you can use iDye “Ecru” or “Brown” to town down the intensity of a color.

Mixing Your Dyes:
You can follow the “basin” or “sink” dyeing protocols on the Dye package.
Here I will detail the Dylon procedures:
1: Measure out 4 cups of hot water
2: Add your Dye package
3: Add 4 TBSP of salt
4: Mix well
5: Add this mixture to your tub of water
Tip: If you want very dark colors use two dye packs in 4 cups of water.

Dyeing your corset:
Put on your gloves and add the corset to the dye.
Fully submerge the corset and swish it around in the dye.
After 5 min in the dye, you will see a light color.
After 10 min it will darken…leave in for 45min to 1 hour for full color
Tip: The corset will dry 2 shades lighter than the final damp color. So dye the corset darker than you want the final color to be.
Use a white cotton t-shirt to test the end color. Allow the corset to dry to make sure you like the color before you throw out your dye.
WARNING!!! Avoid contact with the dye….it is an eye and skin irritant and can cause allergic reactions (itching and rash) in sensitive people.

Ombre dyeing:
To get a vintage ombre color, I first dyed the corset in iDye “Ecru”, then dyed the corset in Dylon “Intense Violet”.
To make the ombre look, I keep the lower half of the corset in the dye longer. This makes the ombre coloring.
You really need to keep track of the color progression, and keep hands on the corset to make sure it doesn’t completely submerge.
Remember the corset will dye lighter, so dye darker than the final color you want.
Once finished dyeing. Rinse the corset in the shower to remove excess dye, and allow to dry overnight.
Tip: The “Ecru” color will “antique” the violet dye.

Two-tone dyeing:
Just like with the ombre dyeing, you start the two tone corset bye dyeing just the lower half of the corset.
You don’t need to wait for the corset to dry, you can simply add it to the new dye
Remember the corset will dry lighter!

Once you have the color you want, rinse the corset in clean water until there is no more dye comes off. Then add a little detergent to the clear water and rinse again….. Then dump out the soapy water and rinse again with clean water.
You can dry your corset by letting it drip dry, or use a hair dryer (preferable).
Tip: When using a hair dryer be careful not to expose the corset to excessive heat.

Stencils and Decorations:
Another great feature of these corsets is that you can stencil and decorate them!
You can by stencils at the local craft store and used craft paints
Tape the stencil in place.
Use a craft sponge or sponge brush to dab on the paints. Do multiple layers for bolder contrasts.
Tip: Wash off your stencil between uses to avoid smudging!
Crystals: You can add jewels to your corset using heat transfers or hot glue or hand-stitching
Tip: After you have decorated, it is best to dry-clean the corset to avoid damaging the designs to affecting the color.

After drying, if your corset comes out lighter than you wanted or you decide to change the color you can re-dye your corset. Just save the dye or make new dye and keep going until you get what you want.


Weight 2.5625 oz
Dimensions 13.0625 x 11.0625 x 2.5 in
Corset Waist Size

20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38