A pyrate’s threat

Stuck in a heated argument? Think it might turn deadly? Try some of these in your banter…

I’ll bend a marlinspike around your loaf – A marlinspike is a pointed metal spike used in working with rope and cable, and especially in prying apart strands of rope. Loaf means head or skull.
You’ll count amongst your treasure a ball from this pistol – Only really appropriate if the speaker is actually brandishing a pistol. Otherwise the speaker might do well to sub “a pistol” for “this pistol.”
Your sands are run – Your life is over
Are you tired of your life? – …does it really need an explanation?
I’ll bring my boot to you – To “bring one’s boot” to someone is to kick him hard.
You’ll rue the day your mother ever spawned you! – You’ll be sorry you were ever born

Phrases and definitions from The Pirate Primer.

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